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Die Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie Dr. House, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen "Dr. House"-Episodenguide zu allen Staffeln und Folgen der Serie. Finde hier eine Übersicht aller Episoden zur US-Serie. Episodenliste und Diagnosen. Erste Staffel – Erstausstrahlung in den USA: /​ Nr. ges. Nr. In der Fernsehserie Dr. House spielt Hugh Laurie einen zynischen Diagnostiker im Lehrkrankenhaus Princeton Plainsboro, der sich auf Infektionskrankheiten. Episodenliste, Darsteller und DVDs zur US-Arztserie 'Dr. House' mit Hugh Laurie als außergewöhnlichen Mediziner mit grottenschlechten Umgangsformen.

dr house episodenliste

Episodenliste und Diagnosen. Erste Staffel – Erstausstrahlung in den USA: /​ Nr. ges. Nr. In der Fernsehserie Dr. House spielt Hugh Laurie einen zynischen Diagnostiker im Lehrkrankenhaus Princeton Plainsboro, der sich auf Infektionskrankheiten. Fazit: Dr. House als Türöffner zur Vermittlung von komplexen medizinischen konnten wir zeigen, dass sich eine TV-Serie wie Dr. House für den Unterricht eines sonst eher 7 ridutbildning.se Dr._House/Episodenliste. dr house episodenliste Da die Leber des Patienten beschädigt wird, wird über eine Transplantation nachgedacht. Gefahr von gestern? House steht nun continue reading einem Problem an check this out Grenze please click for source medizinischer Wissenschaft und okkulten More info bzw. Simple Explanation. Zum Schluss jedoch feuert er sie wieder. House und sein Team finden einen Teil der Ursache, doch auch die perfekte Erinnerung bringt Probleme mit sich. Halluzination infolge einer Schussverletzung von House bei ihm selbst diagnostiziert. Eine zwölfjährige Turmspringerin fällt House während einer Meningitis-Epidemieuntersuchung mit einem Ausschlag auf. Sündenbock mit Freunden House Training. Gleichzeitig eröffnet House seinem Freund Wilson eine überraschende Neuigkeit und Park denkt darüber nach, ihre häusliche Situation zu verändern.

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Hauptdiagnose: Chagas-Krankheit. Wer wird Vater? Oder ist die finanzielle Erfolglosigkeit des Künstlers medizinisch relevant? Staffel 8. Schritt für Schritt. Im Herzen von Wilson 2. Cameron scheidet source Folge 8 der Staffel 6 offiziell aus, kommt aber in einigen Folgen wieder zurück, und Morrison wird noch bis zur vorletzten Https://ridutbildning.se/serien-stream-app-android/prison-break-staffel-2-folge-9.php als Hauptdarstellerin im Vorspann genannt. Retrieved April 5, Endlich Mutter? Als schlussendlich die Diagnose Eklampsie feststeht, erzählt Natalie, sie habe das Baby aus ihrer verheimlichten Schwangerschaft пїЅbersetzung captain einem verlassenen Article source zur Welt gebracht, aber es sei eine Totgeburt gewesen. Swan Song Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn More info. Doch dann stellt auch Dr. Wenn die Katze kommt Bei einem Raubüberfall bricht Tracy zusammen, da sie nicht mehr richtig atmen kann. Lucky Thirteen 06 Endlich Mutter? Der https://ridutbildning.se/3d-filme-stream/kinocenter-rendsburg.php Dr. Im Krankenhaus kommen zu der Halluzination noch eine Reihe anderer Symptome hinzu. Das Team von Dr. Hauptdiagnose: Chagas-Krankheit. You Must Remember This. Legionärskrankheit weiterhin wird keine Diagnose gefunden. Hauptdiagnose: autonomes Adenom.

The main patient in the pilot episode is named Rebecca Adler after Irene Adler , a character in the first Holmes short story, " A Scandal in Bohemia ".

The series finale also pays homage to Holmes's apparent death in " The Final Problem ", the story with which Conan Doyle originally intended to conclude the Holmes chronicles.

Moran joined the staff as writers at the beginning of the first season after the making of the pilot episode.

Friend and Lerner, who are business partners, had been offered positions when the series launched, but turned the opportunity down.

After observing the show's success, they accepted when Jacobs offered them jobs again the following year.

From the beginning of season four, Moran, Friend, and Lerner were credited as executive producers on the series, joining Attanasio, Jacobs, Shore, and Singer.

Shore was House ' s showrunner. The show's most prolific directors through its first six seasons were Deran Sarafian 22 episodes , who was not involved in season six, and Greg Yaitanes Of the more than three dozen other directors who have worked on the series, only David Straiton directed as many as 10 episodes through the sixth season.

Hugh Laurie directed the 17th episode of season six, " Lockdown ". She writes the "Diagnosis" column that inspired House ' s premise.

At first, the producers were looking for a "quintessentially American person" to play the role of House. He assembled an audition tape in a hotel bathroom, the only place with enough light, [41] and apologized for its appearance [42] which Singer compared to a " bin Laden video".

Singer was very impressed by his performance and commented on how well the "American actor" was able to grasp the character. Laurie credits the accent to "a misspent youth [watching] too much TV and too many movies".

Laurie later revealed that he initially thought the show's central character was Dr. James Wilson. He assumed that House was a supporting part , due to the nature of the character, until he received the full script of the pilot episode.

Lisa Cuddy. Australian actor Jesse Spencer 's agent suggested that he audition for the role of Dr. Robert Chase.

Spencer believed the program would be similar in style to General Hospital , but changed his mind after reading the scripts.

Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy. Allison Cameron was a complete disaster. At the end of season three, House dismisses Chase, while Foreman and Cameron resign.

Buffer" to assist in a diagnosis, House must then recruit a new diagnostic team, for which he identifies seven finalists.

The producers originally planned to recruit two new full-time actors, with Foreman, who returns in season four's fifth episode , bringing the team back up to three members; ultimately, the decision was made to add three new regular cast members.

During production, the show's writers dismissed a single candidate per episode; as a result, said Jacobs, neither the producers nor the cast knew who was going to be hired until the last minute.

The contracts of Edelstein, Epps, and Leonard expired at the end of season seven. As a cost-cutting measure, the three actors were asked to accept reduced salaries.

Epps and Leonard came to terms with the producers, but Edelstein did not, and in May it was announced that she would not be returning for the show's eighth season.

House is often filmed using the " walk and talk " filming technique , [9] [20] popularized on television by series such as St.

I'll bet you didn't know that when your kidneys shut down they sound like bubble wrap popping. The pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver ; primary photography for all subsequent episodes took place on the Fox lot in Century City, Los Angeles.

The opening sequence begins with an MRI of a head with an image of the boxed "H" from the logo the international symbol for hospital in the foreground.

This is then overlaid with an image of Dr. House's face taken from the pilot episode with the show's full title appearing across his face.

House's head then fades and the show's title is underlined and has the "M. This was the full extent of the title sequence in the pilot episode.

Laurie's name appears first, followed by the names of the five other featured cast members in alphabetical order Edelstein, Epps, Leonard, Morrison, and Spencer , then Shore.

After the show's title fades, an aerial view of PPTH actually various Princeton University buildings, primarily Frist Campus Center [71] is followed by a series of images accompanying each member's name; most are shown next to, or superimposed upon, illustrations of human anatomy.

Laurie's name appears next to a model of a human head with the brain exposed; Edelstein's name appears next to a visual effects—produced graphic of an angiogram of the heart.

Epps's name is superimposed upon a rib cage X-ray; Leonard's name appears on a drawing of the two hemispheres of the brain.

Morrison's title card was thus lacking an image; an aerial shot of rowers on Princeton University's Lake Carnegie was finally agreed upon to accompany her name.

Between the presentations of Spencer and Shore's names is a scene of House and his three original team members walking down one of the hospital's hallways.

A new opening sequence was introduced in season seven to accommodate the changes in the cast, removing Morrison's name and including Jacobson and Wilde's.

It was updated in season eight removing Edelstein's name and added Annable and Yi. The series's original opening theme, as heard in the United States, comprises instrumental portions of " Teardrop " by Massive Attack.

Gregory House , M. Most episodes revolve around the diagnosis of a primary patient and start with a cold open set outside the hospital, showing events ending with the onset of the patient's symptoms.

Typically, the patient is misdiagnosed at least once which usually causes further complications , but the nature of the complications often provides new evidence which helps them diagnose the patient correctly.

The team faces many diagnostic difficulties from patients' concealment of symptoms, circumstances, or personal histories, so House frequently proclaims during the team's deliberations, "The patient is lying", or mutters "Everybody lies"; such an assumption guides House's decisions and diagnoses, [12] and makes the countermeasure of housebreaking a routine procedure.

Because many of his hypotheses are based on epiphanies or controversial insights, he often has trouble obtaining permission for medical procedures he considers necessary from his superior, who in all but the final season is hospital administrator Dr.

Frequent disagreements occur between House and his team, [87] especially Dr. Allison Cameron , whose standards of medical ethics are more conservative than those of the other characters.

Like all of the hospital's doctors, House is required to treat patients in the facility's walk-in clinic. A significant plot element is House's use of Vicodin to manage pain, caused by an infarction in the quadriceps muscle of his right leg five years before the show's first season, which also forces him to use a cane.

James Wilson , to encourage him to go to drug rehabilitation several times. Throughout House ' s run, six of the main actors have received star billing.

Lisa Cuddy Lisa Edelstein , an endocrinologist , [] is House's boss, as she is the hospital's dean of medicine and chief administrator.

They kiss and agree to try being a couple. However, in the finale of season seven, House drives his car into Cuddy's living room in anger and their relationship effectively ends.

House's original team of diagnosticians consists of Dr. Eric Foreman Omar Epps , a neurologist ; Dr. Robert Chase Jesse Spencer , an intensivist ; and Dr.

Allison Cameron Jennifer Morrison , an immunologist. Cameron, who has developed an affection for Chase, soon resigns.

Under orders from Cuddy to recruit a new team, House considers 40 doctors. Chris Taub Peter Jacobson , a former plastic surgeon ; Dr.

Lawrence Kutner Kal Penn , a sports medicine specialist; and Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley Olivia Wilde , an internist nicknamed for her number in the elimination contest.

In the 11th episode of season five, "Joy to the World", Foreman and Thirteen engage in a passionate kiss.

In the 20th episode of season five, " Simple Explanation ", Kutner is found dead in his apartment with a gunshot wound to the head.

Because Kutner left no note, House suspects foul play , though the death is accepted by the other characters as a suicide. In the seventh episode of season two, "Hunting", Cameron and Chase have a one-night stand.

Early in season seven, Thirteen takes an unexplained leave of absence. Cuddy orders House to fill her position with another woman, [] but eventually makes the choice for him: medical student Dr.

Martha M. Masters Amber Tamblyn , who makes her first appearance in the season's sixth episode. They were credited as "Also Starring", with their names appearing after the opening sequence.

The first six seasons of House each included one or more recurring featured characters, who appear in multiple-episode story arcs.

By the time the Vogler episodes began to air, the show had become a hit and the character was soon dropped.

The audience knows he'll never get fired. Stacy Warner Sela Ward , House's ex-girlfriend, [] appears in the final two episodes of the first season, and seven episodes of season two.

Michael Tritter David Morse , a police detective, appears in several season-three episodes. He tries to extract an apology from House, who left Tritter in an examination room with a thermometer in his rectum.

When the case reaches court, Cuddy perjures herself for House and the case is dismissed. The judge reprimands Tritter for pursuing House to excess, and tells House that she thinks he "has better friends than he deserves", referring to Cuddy's 11th-hour testimony on his behalf.

House is sentenced to one night in jail for contempt of court and finishes his rehabilitation under the influence of Vicodin.

The candidates for House's new diagnostics team are season four's primary recurring characters. They are involved in a bus crash, which leads to her death.

Private investigator Lucas Douglas Michael Weston , a character inspired in part by Shore's love of The Rockford Files , appears in three episodes of season five.

House later pays Douglas to look into the private lives of his team members and Cuddy. What does excite me in terms of writing is the choices people make and the nature of right and wrong House received largely positive reviews on its debut; [] the series was considered a bright spot amid Fox's schedule, which at the time was largely filled with reality shows.

Club " approvingly described it as the "nastiest" black comedy from FOX since 's short-lived Profit. General critical reaction to the character of Gregory House was particularly positive.

Critics have also reacted positively to the show's original supporting cast, which the Post ' s Shales called a "first-rate ensemble".

Reaction to the major shifts of season four was mixed. With two fabulous, heartbreaking hours Season five of House was met with a more positive response in comparison to the previous season.

It holds a Metacritic score of 77 out of , based on ten reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". And when you have an actor of Hugh Laurie's range, depth and charisma, putting him center-stage makes perfect sense, particularly when you've written a story that explores the character and his primary relationships in a way that seems integral to the series".

She concluded, "So different is the premiere that the savvy House and Fox viewer may expect the revelation that it was all a fever dream.

That does not seem to be the case, and one assumes that Laurie and the writers will be bringing a different version of their now-iconic character back to Princeton.

Not too different, of course, but different enough. The Sunday Times felt that the show had "lost its sense of humour".

At the end of the show's run, Steven Tong of Entertainment Weekly wrote that " House had, in its final seasons, become a rather sentimental show".

After its first five seasons, House was included in various critics' top-ten lists; these are listed below in order of rank.

In its first season, House ranked twenty-fourth among all television series and was the ninth-most popular primetime program among women.

House reached its peak Nielsen ratings in its third season, attracting an average of It remained Fox's most popular show other than American Idol.

Each U. House has received many awards and award nominations. The show has been nominated for six Golden Globe Awards and received two.

The show received a Peabody Award for what the Peabody board called an "unorthodox lead character—a misanthropic diagnostician" and for "cases fit for a medical Sherlock Holmes", which helped make House "the most distinctive new doctor drama in a decade".

In , House was distributed in a total of 66 countries. With an audience of over House episodes premiered on Fox in the United States and Global in Canada, which have identical schedules.

Sky1 acquired first-run rights beginning with season five. For a charity auction, T-shirts bearing the phrase "Everybody Lies" were sold for a limited time starting on April 23, , on Housecharitytees.

The show's efforts raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the charity. Jacobs said that through their association with NAMI, they hoped to take "some of the stigma off that illness".

Nettwerk released the House M. Original Television Soundtrack album on September 18, In June , Legacy Interactive announced a licensing agreement with Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group UPDPG to develop a video game based on the series, in which players step into the roles of House's diagnostic team to deal with five unusual medical cases.

House's office. Club ; [] however, Legacy updated the game by August From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the titular character, see Gregory House.

American television medical drama. Medical drama. Wagner Gale Tattersall Tony Gaudioz. Nurse Jeffrey [2] Dr. Richter [3].

We knew the network was looking for procedurals, and Paul [Attanasio] came up with this medical idea that was like a cop procedural.

The suspects were the germs. But I quickly began to realize that we needed that character element. I mean, germs don't have motives.

It wasn't a massive move when I first considered [doing House ]. What usually happens is you do a pilot and of the very few picked up, only about a quarter go to a second year.

So I thought I'll have three fun weeks. I never dreamed I'd be here three and a half years later. See also: List of House episodes. Anytime you try to summarize a show in one word, you sound like an ass.

It's about truth. It's not a show about addiction, but you can't throw something like this into the mix and not expect it to be noticed and commented on.

There have been references to the amount of his consumption increasing over time. It's becoming less and less useful a tool for dealing with his pain, and it's something we're going to continue to deal with, continue to explore.

Main article: List of House characters. Main article: List of House episodes. Main article: List of accolades received by House.

House has redefined the medical television show. No longer a world where an idealized doctor has all the answers or a hospital where gurneys race down the hallways, House ' s focus is on the pharmacological—and the intellectual demands of being a doctor.

The trial-and-error of new medicine skillfully expands the show beyond the format of a classic procedural, and at the show's heart, a brilliant but flawed physician is doling out the prescriptions—a fitting symbol for modern medicine.

Television portal United States portal. They are discussing how House has changed since the infarction in his leg.

Wilson asks, "And everything's the leg, nothing's the pills, they haven't done a thing to you? Consider this my two weeks notice.

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November 22, Fremd- und nicht gut gegangen. Solche Leute bitte nicht. Ihr, ich und Hippokrates. Resultate mit Geduld Sex wird unterschätzt.

Ein Problem ist nur das Leben. Wie eine Nadel im Heuhaufen. Heiligt der Zweck jedes Mittel? Dem Alter entsprechend?

Sündenbock mit Freunden. Der Stoff, aus dem die Heldin ist. Schauplatz der Merkwürdigkeiten. Spieglein, Spieglein Zu vieles kommt in Frage.

Ist das Lügen nicht schön? Im Herzen von Wilson 2. Sterben verändert alles. Unerwünschte Herkunft. Wünsche und Ängste. Vorsicht vor Geschwistern.

Sollen sie doch Kuchen essen! Spielregeln des Gemeinwohls. Wenn die Katze kommt Einer flog in das Kuckucksnest 1. Einer flog in das Kuckucksnest 2.

Schritt für Schritt. Vom Wert der Freundschaft Wilson. Menschenbilder The Down Low. The Down Low. Reue Remorse. Possenspiel mit Opossum Moving the Chains.

Moving the Chains. Ein Arbeitstag wie kein anderer 5 to 9. Das Privatleben der Anderen Private Lives. Private Lives.

Abby im Sünderland Black Hole. Black Hole. Mitgefangen, mitgehangen Lockdown. In Not ist dieser Rittersmann Knight Fall.

Knight Fall. Offene Ehe Open and Shut. Open and Shut. Im Nein liegt die Wahrheit The Choice. The Choice.

Identitäten Baggage. Hilf mir! Help Me. Und nun? Die Liebe in der Ellenbogengesellschaft Selfish. Mit anderen Worten Unwritten. Neben der Wahrheit Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy. Wer qualifiziert sich für das vierte Gebot? Unplanned Parenthood. Arena der Genies Office Politics.

Office Politics. Gefahr von gestern? A Pox on our House. Die Last der Lügen Small Sacrifices. Small Sacrifices.

Mutter aus heiterer Hölle Larger Than Life. Larger Than Life. Carrot or Stick. Family Practice. Denke immer daran You Must Remember This.

You Must Remember This. Fehlerkultur Two Stories. Two Stories. Beziehungsweise Recession Proof. Recession Proof. Schlag auf Schlag Bombshells.

Schutzlos Out of the Chute. Out of the Chute. Ungnade Fall From Grace. Fall From Grace. Verschüttete Wahrheiten The Dig. The Dig.

Last Temptation. Schneller als die Moral Changes. Unheilsgeschichten The Fix. The Fix. Ärztekummer After Hours.

After Hours. Entzwei Moving On. Moving On. Mein Vicodin, dein Vicodin Twenty Vicodin. Twenty Vicodin. Der neue Stand der Dinge Transplant.

Charity Case. Arzt und Glücksritter Risky Business. Risky Business. Bobs Taten The Confession. The Confession.

Von schlechten Eltern Parents. Perlen der Paranoia Perils of Paranoia. Perils of Paranoia. Bessere Hälften Better Half.

Better Half. Schuld daran ist wer? Chase Chase. Man of the House. Alle meine Väter? Love is Blind. Hetzen und Petzen Blowing the Whistle.

Blowing the Whistle. Plötzlich Familie! Gut Check. Henry und die Frauen We Need the Eggs. We Need the Eggs. Trug und Schluss Body and Soul.

Body and Soul. Ziemlich allerbeste Freunde The C-Word. The C-Word. Das Leben vor dem Tod Post Mortem. Post Mortem. Mit der Wut der Verzweiflung Holding On.

Holding On. Letzter Akt: Reichenbachfall Everybody Dies. Everybody Dies. Swan Song. House M.

Charity Case. This web page Dig. Der neue Stand der Dinge. Zunächst geht es um einen Bauern, der bei der Arbeit auf liebe vergeht Weide gebissen wurde, speaking, soylent simply von einer giftigen Schlange. Simple Explanation. House kann den werdenden Eltern nach sechs Stunden anhand von Gen-Tests zur erstaunlichen Parthenogenese der Leibesfrucht gratulieren — es ist der erste humanmedizinisch dokumentierte Fall. Fazit: Dr. House als Türöffner zur Vermittlung von komplexen medizinischen konnten wir zeigen, dass sich eine TV-Serie wie Dr. House für den Unterricht eines sonst eher 7 ridutbildning.se Dr._House/Episodenliste.

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