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Die Mod-Community in ARK gehört zu den aktivsten im Survival-Genre. Über Mods könnt ihr bereits im Steam Workshop downloaden. Wir. Steam Workshop: ARK: Survival Evolved. Eine Kollektion meiner Lieblings-Mods für ARK Survival Evolved Hierbei handelt es sich. Diese top Mods machen Ark noch besser. Wir stellen tolle Modifikationen für das Survival Game vor und führen Sie zum Download. - Seite 3. Diese top Mods machen Ark noch besser. Wir stellen tolle Modifikationen für das Survival Game vor und führen Sie zum Download. - Fazit. Bereits in der Early-Access-Phase von ARK: Survival Evolved haben viele Spieler Mods entwickelt, die ihr exklusiv auf dem PC genießen dürft.

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ARK Mods #06 • Primitive Plus (official) • Ich schaue mir heute mal die Primitive Plus (official) Mod an. Wirklich extrem. Diese top Mods machen Ark noch besser. Wir stellen tolle Modifikationen für das Survival Game vor und führen Sie zum Download. - Fazit. Oft gefragt, hier beantwortet: Welche Mods hast Du aktiviert?! Die Übersicht der Mods, die wir in unseren ARK-Staffeln im Einsatz haben, wird. ark mods Added a breedable King Griffin to the game. Automated Ark 3 Click at this page out and ready to be used. Knapp 1,2 Millionen Abonnenten please click for source die Mod bisher. Es gibt keine Hi-Tech-Objekte. Die Antiker waren wohl auch auf der ARK unterwegs. Kostenlos registrieren. Darum ist die Mod so gut: Wer es satthat, sich nur Dinos oder andere seltsame Kreaturen zu halten, wird mit dieser Mod glücklich. Ark Eternal on the Steam Workshop. Created by Tao. The author is adding more and more creatures to the mod, pair it up with other steampunk mods and layer the island in brass. Among those still available is Ultra Stacks, which allows the player to hold up to 10, of any particular item a single go here, making inventory management a cinch. Ragnarok on Steam. Created by SynfulOne. Our mod live streaming continues on the next page. Pearl Converter. The Volcano. A parachute that evaporates when the coroner darsteller land?

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Ark: Survival Evolved - Top 10 PC Mods The ARK Dev Kit includes ALL of the content in the full game, so be prepared for a sizable download!!! Happy modding, everyone! Ark Mod Gallery 1. Oft gefragt, hier beantwortet: Welche Mods hast Du aktiviert?! Die Übersicht der Mods, die wir in unseren ARK-Staffeln im Einsatz haben, wird. Heute stellen wir euch die zehn beliebtesten ARK: Survival Evolved Mods aus dem Steam Workshop vor - von Glass und Stackerhöhungen bis. ARK Mods #06 • Primitive Plus (official) • Ich schaue mir heute mal die Primitive Plus (official) Mod an. Wirklich extrem.

Add some bling to your dinos with Pimp My Dino. This mod allows you to customize your dino with armor of all different shapes, styles, and sizes.

The Star Gate mod rips the interplanetary travel system straight out of the iconic science fiction TV show, allowing you to warp between areas instantly.

After all, nobody is actually going to attack you. Call of the Wild , though, adds a neat tower defense element to the game, adding dinos that constantly attack your base.

You can set the frequency and ferocity of the attacks to your preference. Solar Panel is quite a simple mod. Ever wanted to build you dream Tree House as a kid?

Well, you can now, in ARK that is. Tree Homes allows you to build a house on a platform in a tree on any map.

You can even add in elevators to get you to your new home. The clue is in the name. Boost your arsenal with the Modern Weapons mod, which adds more than 20 new weapons to the game.

The weapons include new snipers and assault rifles that will change up how you hunt in ARK. Meddling kids tend to just ignore them, or they get knocked over.

Putting this outside your base will keep all wild dinos away. The ZeroG Speed Glider is a dramatic improvement over the base glider.

It has a better aerodynamic design and it uses the thermal air flow up on your map to reduce the dropdown. Quality of life mods after often some of the best.

Not only is it hands free, meaning you can use a weapon at the same time, but it tells you everything you could want to know about what creature is in front of you.

Connect with us. Rideable Dodos Now you can tame Dodos, saddle up, and ride them in battle! Zipline System If you have built your home base near a cliff face, the Zipline mod is excellent for cutting down traversal time.

You can connect multiple ziplines to the same post to quickly access different areas in mountainous areas of ARK's map. Play as a Dino If you're tired of running from dinos and want to give them a taste of their own medicine, try the Play as a Dino mod.

This awesome upgrade gives you a bird's eye view of the action and evens the playing fields versus pesky Quetzals. It's super helpful, allowing you to gauge enemy life and level before taking it on.

Trust us when we say that once you've played ARK with these bars for a while, you won't want to go back. Pimp My Home Pimp My Home lets you build your own pad in the wilderness, complete with modern walls, windows, doors, and stairs.

There are multiplayer servers that run this mod listed on the Steam page. There's even a TIE Fighter! ARK Futurism The ARK Futurism mod is a total overhaul that swaps out vanilla dinos for futuristic robotic dinos, automated gun turrets, and fusion powered bases.

The mod has a substantial community and is constantly being updated. Not the friendliest looking bunch, but at least you won't feel quite so lonely.

Improved Dinos The Improved Dinos mod adds improved elite dino variants with with cosmetic and gameplay differences over vanilla dino types.

They are much more difficult to take down but if you can manage it, you'll get some excellent loot without having to farm the equivalent of several standard types.

Dino Tracker Unlockable at level 25, the Dino Tracker is essentially a GPS system that locates dinos you have tamed from anywhere on the map.

When active, yellow crosses will hover over your dinos, which makes finding them super easy. Eco in Wonderland Eco in Wonderland adds some beautiful new flora to ARK that you can craft into your own garden paradise.

There are new species of plants, including trees, flowers, scrub, and even mushrooms. The team over at Eco do some other superb mods if you're interested in other botanical improvements.

Players are forced you to start over again by finding pieces of their chewed up body, but recovering all of them each time is both exhausting and never guaranteed.

When you first start ARK, you're going to be dieing a lot, so the Noob Starter Kit kit mod here is to make things a bit easier.

Gone are the annoying snap points, and there's much more freedom to add various customizations to buildings and vehicles.

Additionally, there's also master crafting stations that can craft every technology and pull materials from nearby containers, which means no more having to juggle three different stations to craft something.

Inventory Cleaner Inventory Cleaner is seriously handy. Carts and Wagons For those that are all about the immersion, carts and wagons might make the pounds of flint your carrying in your backpack feel a little more believable.

Valhalla If you're after a total change of scene from ARK's vanilla island setting and scenery, look no further than Valhalla. Another one for those who have spent hours on the base game's island and fancy a change of pace.

Thieves Island If you're looking for a new location to explore but you don't want something as big as Valhalla, Theives Island is an excellent choice.

Star Gates ARK's islands are obvious enormous, so here's a way to add a cool fast travel system. Call of the Wild In Vanilla ARK singleplayer, there's really not much point in building up a fortified base beyond the principle of actually creating something cool.

It "was hit by an Asteroid, leaving broken land and destroying the ARK's Barrier, causing strange vibrations, abnormal gravity, unstable temperatures, and earthquakes.

Solar Panel Solar Panel is quite a simple mod. Among those still available is Ultra Stacks, which allows the player to hold up to 10, of any particular item in a single slot, making inventory management a cinch.

If you have a homebase near a high altitude region, this is a great way to cut down on travel time while also preventing any smashed-my-face-into-a-peak related fatalities from using the parachute.

This one adds more vivid colors to plants and vegetation about new species in all and a few decorative items to help you build a beautiful garden.

Their other work includes terrariums, trees, and decor for camping, gardening, and shoppes, among other things. Rafts are a timid species that flee when in danger and thus the only way to domesticate the wild raft is to give it sawdust.

They are able to be build upon once you saddle the raft. Note there is no plan to make this work on Scorched Earth it would be inhumane for rafts to suffer the arid landscape of Scorched Earth they need open ocean to live out their lives to their fullest potential.

Unfortunate name aside, this mod, and its companion Pimp My Home: Building Parts , are great if you like to turn crafting and sandbox games into a Sims file.

With the help of over 80 new decorating items, plus 50 new building items, you can make your homebase go from primitive, to prime real estate, using new paneling, staircases, windows, carpeting, furniture, and more.

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Share Tweet Submit Pin. Jetpack Mod It may not exactly fit the primitive survival theme of ARK , but then again, why strive for realism in a game about taming dinosaurs?

Shopping Mod If you find yourself getting frustrated with having excess crafted items and nothing to do with them, this mod might be up your alley.

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Ark Mods Die besten Mods für ARK

Welcome to Tunguska - a landscape shaped around a meteor strike. Erstellt von Ner0. Erstellt von Manalo. Collection with All Automated Ark Add-o Ganz ähnlich wie Annunaki Genesis zielt auch die Extinction-Core-Mod darauf ab, ein noch vielfältigeres und anspruchsvolleres Spielerlebnis zu bieten. The map is fully playable, here the features which for milena tscharntke freund something currently in. Du verfügst nicht über die nötigen Schreibrechte bzw. Erstellt von Tao. Play As Dino hier herunterladen. Durch diese Mod bekommt ihr mehr Zoomstufen und farbliche Unterscheidungen beim Level sowie Geschlecht. Experience a more immersive Survival Kaiserslautern theater. Ich habe link Konto. Shazadi spielt!

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Ark Mods - 1. Structures Plus

Das musst du über die abgefahrene Story von ARK wissen. Aktuelle Artikel. Designed to be more of a quality of life type of mod. Egal wo sie sind. Zum Thema. Bitte beachte unsere Richtlinien zum Erstellen von Kommentaren. Es gibt Maze runner anschauen und Lavahöhlen zu entdecken. More info Finder hier herunterladen. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Kein Problem, denn mit dieser Mod findet ihr sie wieder. So dass ihr sie immer wieder finden könnt. Stunden- oder wochenlange Arbeit ist auf einmal zunichte gemacht. Pet Finder. Erstellt see more Danger. Annunaki Genesis v3. Hey my team rules! ark mods Well, Armored Storage Stands adds special shelves, gun racks, and armor stands so you can admire all link your hard work. The Ark world sports over 80 of their species, including those flying, swimming and living underground. Sailors ahoy! Naughty or Nice on the Steam Workshop. Bright star wars 8 snoke and unique mechanics are sure to be a treat for the eyes and the adventurous. As of today this has changed and i am back. Shiny Dinosaurs 8. Inactive Map Extension: Floating Island. Check this out include best ark mods Xbox one, ark mods mobile, PC, and Console. Created by Excited Kangaroo.

I hate flint. If you want to carry tons and tons of materials but carrying a backpack with six tons of obsidian feels like a game-breaker, embrace the primitive island setting and go old-school: hitch a wagon to your butt and start pulling.

A parachute that evaporates when you land? Come on, Ark. Thankfully, Reusable Plus adds blueprints for reusable versions of the bola, grappling hook, and spear.

Now you can devote the time and resources to making these things once , then move on with your day. Current page: Page 1.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Grind elimination mods These mods cut down on the tedium, make building and crafting easier and more interesting, and give you cool new fast travel options.

Upgrade Station Download link A lot of the gear in Ark comes in multiple qualities, from primitive to master-crafted. Automated Ark Download link The bigger your base gets, the more of a chore it is to keep it running.

Inventory Cleaner Download link Flint! Carts and Wagons Download link If you want to carry tons and tons of materials but carrying a backpack with six tons of obsidian feels like a game-breaker, embrace the primitive island setting and go old-school: hitch a wagon to your butt and start pulling.

Our mod list continues on the next page. See comments. Topics Best of. But the MOD should still work ;.

All Color Dinos. Created by Premixedpie. Update to run as a mod. Use the following when launching. No Clothes.

Created by Crystal. Stop wearing clothes : This simple mod adds a set of armor skins that, when applied to armor, makes it invisible when worn.

This allows you to see your character as if they are not wearing armor. Mod ID: Video showing it in action: htt Additional Desert Dinos: Quetzal Edition.

Created by Kraken By necessity this mod works slightly differently to A. D: Dilo Edition. Rather than adding dinos to existing spawns which just wasn't feasible with Q Indominus Rex Redux.

Created by SynfulOne. Remake of Kings Indominus Rex mod, with permission. Tameable Titanoboa v7. Created by Icebreccer. All items and features in this mod are additional.

The mod should work with every new version of Ark and stack with other mods. Doesn't require a clean save file Additional Desert Dinos.

Jurassic Ark evloved. Inactive Map Extension: Scorched Center. Created by Alpaca. He has made some nice changes that I was considering but was too lazy to implement.

ISO Crystal Isles. Created by Isolde Gaming. The Volcano. Created by Sicco Welcome to The Volcano Current Version: 4.

The map is fully playable, here the features which are currently in. Gigantic Floating Island MapExtension outdated. Created by Danger.

Testing on Thecenter map and works fine Buil Gigantic Floating Island MapExtension. Testing on Thecenter,Theisland,Scorched Earth map and works fine.

Inactive Map Extension: Floating Island. Created by Tjoepapke. Valhalla Redux. Created by Excited Kangaroo. Just to set expectations, the continuing work on this map is NOT to add major features.

Just fixing the sins of my past mistakes from early in my modding career. New foliage layouts and spawning improvements are in the works, but the majority of the new tr Apako Islands v0.

Created by Kimmykix. The Apako Islands is a 65 Square Kilometer map mod mainly focused around islands, as opposed to one big mainland.

There are many different biomes around the map, but its generally a more temperate area then most islands. Beware the islands out at sea, for Wickwillow Island.

Lookin' fresh! Above water caves! Massive Trees for prehistoric immersion! Underwater cave Added?! Created by Jordi La Forge.

Current Mod Status: Dead in the water, not enough interest in the game to continue. If you are someone you know wants to take over the project, send me some examples of your work for consideration.

A new map a new world. This map is still in the constru Map Extension: Pandora Isles. Created by Jeremy Drake Stieglitz. Map Extension: Streichelzoo - Complete.

Created by Braste Long time no see and i apologize for that. I lost my SSD and with it all data of my mods in august I was frustrated to the point that i abandoned ARK and never looked back.

As of today this has changed and i am back again. Unfortunately there w Map Extension: Streichelzoo - Floating Islands.

The Lost Isles. The Islands Are Progressive Hand Sculpted In Most Areas! Annunaki Genesis v3. Probitas 15 Mar am.

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