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Der CIA-Analyst Daniel wird für eine neue Außendienststelle in Berlin zum Feldagenten befördert. Sein Auftrag lautet, die wahre Identität eines Whistleblowers aufzudecken. An den Lebensalltag eines Undercover-Agenten muss er sich erst noch. In der dritten Staffel geht es um den Kampf gegen eine pro-russische Verschwörung in Estland. Besetzung[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Hauptdarsteller[. Berlin Station Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Richard Armitage, Rhys Ifans, Richard Jenkins u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Berlin Station: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 3 von Berlin Station: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

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Berlin Station. | Folgen by JustWatch. InhaltCastCrewProduktionFacilities​Links Komparsen-, Kleindarstellercasting, Christin Busch. Im Hauptcast von "Berlin Station" sind folgende Darsteller und Darstellerinnen zu sehen: Richard Armitage spielt Daniel Meyer; Michelle Forbes spielt Valerie. TV-Serie, Thriller von Christoph Schrewe, Giuseppe Capotondi, John David Coles mit Rhys Ifans, Richard Armitage.

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Steffen Hagen. Murat Dikenci. Scott Winters. Nina Braddock. Dorota Budna. Ralph Continue reading.

Berlin Station follows up on the evidence Kirsch brought home from his mission, crystallizing their theory about a possible upcoming invasion.

S3, Ep3. The Station enlists Rafael Torres to track down a missing comrade's, Daniel Miller last known location, leading him to hostile territory.

Kirsch visits an old friend. S3, Ep4. The Explosion of a Fishing Boat is detected. S3, Ep5. April attempts to get Sofia back into the fold, but is violently thwarted by Sergei, an operative involved in the Estonia gambit.

April escapes alive, but Sofia is nowhere to be found. Esther wants to find Daniel, but Valerie stonewalls her, so she enlists Frost to track down Daniel while Torres and Kirsch follow their own lead in Vienna.

There, they discover an arms dealer who sold an arsenal of weapons to Vassily Krik, a high-ranking Russian oligarch, who may be holding Daniel Miller alive.

S3, Ep6. Valerie and B. Kirsch and April, using Sofia as bait, trap Sergei. Kirsch offers to swap Sergei for Daniel. April comes clean to her asset, securing the tech for U.

Frost introduces Torres to Hector, whose new identity as a roofer to oligarchs provides a way to infiltrate the Russian elite.

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Olen Steinhauer. Daniel Miller is sent to the CIA's Berlin Station with a covert mission to discover the identity of Thomas Shaw, a whistleblower leaking confidential intel to the German press.

Hector DeJean bugs Daniel's phone, and Valerie's surveillance reveals that one of her informants is lying to her.

Investigators from the US arrive to lock down the station, leaving Steven and Robert concerned that evidence of their past indiscretions will be found.

Steven outmaneuvers his rival for the promotion to Deputy Director. Hector works against Daniel's risky mission.

Giuseppe Capotondi. Daniel visits Steven to tell him that a new leak about the Chinese is going to be published by Berliner Zeitung that could affect Steven's position.

Hector lets slip that he loves Clare. Krug is told to work with Daniel to take a Chinese political prisoner Houjin Lin to Poland, but the plane takes him to Beijing.

At Krug's apartment, she seduces Daniel as a step in her recruitment of him. Valerie briefs Steven and Robert on a smuggling operation that gets young girls from Germany into Syria; two girls detained at the airport are interviewed by Valerie; Mossad shows interest in Robert who meets with Golda; initially, he rejects the overtures, but after disagreeing with Steven and Valerie over the logistics of the smuggling operation, he lean towards accepting; at the site of Daniel's mother's car bombing death, Krug tells him some 'home truths' about her; Daniel knows she is 'working' him and detaches; De Voss turns up outside Hector's apartment having been beaten.

John David Coles. The debacle of Iosava continues to plague the Station. Daniel thinks he has identified Thomas Shaw, and tries to track down Steven Frost.

Joshua Marston. Daniel and Hector find their fates intertwined. Langley sends Clay Williams to investigate the Berlin Station.

We see the Thomas Shaw origin story. The aftermath of Thomas Shaw lingers over Daniel. Elsewhere, Hector tries a new approach to make amends for bad behavior.

With Esther's help, Daniel fakes a murder as part of his cover as a black-market gun runner named Trevor Price.

BB takes over as head of Berlin Station, and then she and Robert are called into a meeting with new ambassador Richard Hanes, who wants to be informed of all operations through Berlin Station.

In addition, at Esther's request, Valerie and April plant a bug in Katerina Gerhardt's house; to prevent April from being discovered, Valerie has to distract PfD official Joseph Emmerich, who subsequently figures out her identity but seems more interested in flirting.

In cleaning up his murder, "Trevor" makes contact with Lena Ganz, and with Robert's help he shows Lena samples of the weapons he can provide.

She introduces him to her father Otto, who is looking to buy a large amount of weapons, but Otto refuses to talk with him unless he reveals his supplier and they visit him immediately.

This episode takes place entirely during one day at Hector's southern Spain hideout. Despite Hector's alarm at being found, Daniel manages to persuade Hector to re-adopt an old CIA cover of his as international arms dealer Andrew Chevalier and help Daniel close the deal with Otto.

When "Trevor" stops Otto from killing Armando, Armando takes Lena hostage and tries to flee, only to crash his car.

Daniel and Hector find him, albeit seriously wounded, and Armando threatens to reveal Daniel's real identity if they let Otto capture him. Hector then kills Armando to prevent this, and "Andrew" then joins Otto, Lena and "Trevor" to return to Germany for the arms delivery in ten days.

Ilya Rivkin 1 episode, Maximilien Seweryn Anton 1 episode, Alexander Beyer Jurgen Hoffmann 1 episode, Anna Luise Kish Nurse 1 episode, Mario Klischies Prison Clerk 1 episode, Ako Mitchell Black Site Officer 2 1 episode, Chetan Pathak Sayed 1 episode, Marco Grahl PfD Member 1 episode, Sonja Kerskes Tourist 1 episode, Uku Uusberg Driver 1 episode, Dan Bradford Waiter 1 episode, Rachel Fowler Barbara Akerman 1 episode, Radoslaw Kaim Karl 1 episode, Robert Glatzeder Albert 1 episode, Imad Mardnli Bodyguard 1 episode, Stefan Menaul Prison Guard 1 1 episode, Kim Riedle Jane 1 episode, Philip Wright Jeremy Banks 1 episode, Katja Hiller German Field Reporter 1 episode, Sulaika Lindemann Waitress 1 episode, Kasia Madera Female Moderator 1 episode, Ralph Gassmann Auctioneer 1 episode, Evan McCabe Gala 1 episode, Sergei Furmanjuk Male Reporter 1 episode, Viktoria Steiber Molly Kirsch 1 episode, Konstantin Frolov Room Service Waiter 1 episode, Michael Krabbe Adlon Concierge 1 episode, Tim Seyfi Metin Burakgazi 1 episode, Matthias Weidenhöfer BfV Assistant 1 episode, Chris Rogers Hospital News Anchor 1 episode, Paul Brightwell Jerrold Smith 1 episode, Michael Schenk Female Reporter 1 episode, Jarah Maria Anders Metin's Brunette 1 episode, John Keogh Lead Langley Minder 1 episode, Kristin Meyer Sarah 1 episode, Douglas Russell Estonian Dad 1 episode, Aleksandr Komarov Krik's Man 1 episode, Anna Leong Brophy Lucy Ximen 1 episode, Pablo Raybould Ivan 1 episode, Jakob Bieber Jakob 1 episode, Paul Birchard Richard Franzen 1 episode, Sally Bundock Iranian Bodyguard 1 episode, Kok-Hwa Lie Parking Valet 1 episode, Eszter Kincso Molnar Estonian News Anchor 1 episode, Gabriel Akuwudike Barista 1 episode, Akie Kotabe Mark McClain 1 episode, Hilary Connell Daria 1 episode, Tobias Licht Airport Security Guard 1 episode, Sven Riemann Porcelain Factory Owner 1 episode, Hans Peterson Plainclothes 1 1 episode, Leopold Altenburg Moustache 1 episode, Kerry Norton Flower Deliveryman 1 episode, Adrian Zwicker TV Reporter 1 episode, Erkan Gündüz Plainclothes 2 1 episode, Golo Euler Iman 1 episode, David Christopher Roth Johann Berger 1 episode, Gisa Flake Bank Clerk 1 episode, Joanna Kitzl Romanian Hooker 1 episode, Lev Levermore Gunnar Yankov 1 episode, Tomi Kosynus Russian Sentry 1 episode, Alexandra Szucs Orderly 1 episode, Yves Aubert Waiter 1 episode, Florian Kroop Soldier 1 episode, Csaba Gosztonyi Subcommander 1 episode, Matthew Brenher Jim 1 episode, David Brückner Embassy Staff 1 episode, Axel Buchholz Prison Guard 1 episode, Sam Trammell Langley Investigator uncredited 1 episode, Joe Toedtling Fishmonger uncredited 1 episode, Martin Müller Protester uncredited 1 episode, Nataniel Nordnes Digital Intermediate Producer 9 episodes, Tony Basgallop Service Producer 6 episodes, Kyle Bradstreet Additional Hairstylist 3 episodes, Oliver Ziem-Schwerdt Crowd AD 1 episode, Shakir Hafoudh Playback supervisor 10 episodes, Michael Fissneider Brown Jr.

Stuntdouble Zhara Ahmadi 1 episode, Evangelos Grecos Stunt Department coordinator 1 episode, Gergo Daniel Camera Trainee 10 episodes, Dragan Jovic Unit Steadicam 2 episodes, Matthieu Rousseaux Balloonlight Supervisor 1 episode, Patrick Nueske Henning Molfenter 10 episodes, Benjamin Löbbert German language prep for Leland Orser 9 episodes, Jacqueline Jansen Spain production accountant 2 episodes, Janos Prihoda Location Assistant: Norway 1 episode, Lise Larm Production Coordinator: Croatia 1 episode, Katia Bokor Edit page.

Add episode. Share this page:. Clear your history. Robert Kirsch 29 episodes, Valerie Edwards 29 episodes, Esther Krug 25 episodes, Hector DeJean 24 episodes, Steven Frost 24 episodes, Daniel Miller 23 episodes, April Lewis 19 episodes, BB Yates 15 episodes, Rafael Torres 10 episodes, Sandra Abe 10 episodes, CIA Agent 10 episodes, Richard Hanes 9 episodes, Kelly Frost 9 episodes, Sofia Vesik 9 episodes, Hans Richter 9 episodes, Joseph Emmerich 8 episodes, Lena Ganz 8 episodes, Rodion Volkov 7 episodes, Sergei Basarov 7 episodes, Dove Adeyemi 7 episodes, Patricia Schwarz 7 episodes, Katerina Gerhardt 7 episodes, Kolya Akulov 7 episodes, Golda Friedman 7 episodes, Roman Platov 6 episodes, Ingrid Hollenbeck 6 episodes, Noah Kirsch 6 episodes, Ruth Iosava 6 episodes, Jason Wolfe 5 episodes, Clare Itani 5 episodes, Nina Bartek 5 episodes, Tim Terkel 5 episodes, Kayode Adeyemi 5 episodes, Aleksandre Iosava 5 episodes, Mattias Stein 5 episodes, Gilbert Dorn 4 episodes, Clay Williams 4 episodes, Otto Ganz 4 episodes, Nick Fischer 4 episodes, Stefan Heidrich 4 episodes, Jan 4 episodes, Augustus 4 episodes, Valerie's Assistant 4 episodes, Vassily Krik 4 episodes, Jemma Moore 3 episodes, Houjin Lin 3 episodes, Jamie Hudson 3 episodes, Maret Yankova 3 episodes, Bankole 3 episodes, Benjamin Taylor 3 episodes, Lana Krik 3 episodes, Max Schwarz 3 episodes, Yuri 3 episodes, Diver 2 episodes, Claudia Gartner 2 episodes, Armando 2 episodes, Katja Yankova 2 episodes, Romy Hudson 2 episodes, Dominic Kingsbury 2 episodes, Farid 2 episodes, Leo Morillon 2 episodes, Timur Jadovsky 2 episodes, Krischan Ganz 2 episodes, Mossad Agent 2 episodes, Gabor 2 episodes, Irina Krik 2 episodes, Marina Bettoni 2 episodes, Noah Kirsch 2 episodes, Bruno 2 episodes, Frank Dupont 2 episodes, Editor 2 episodes, Shopkeeper 2 episodes, Pyotr Mikhailov 2 episodes, Baker 2 episodes, Podcast Host 2 episodes, Sebastian 2 episodes, Bernhard 2 episodes, Crandall 2 episodes, Frank 2 episodes,

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Norwin Richter. Tamlyn Tomita. The Green Mile. Nina Bartek Anja Antonowicz Episoden : 3 - 4 - 7 - 9 - Sofia K. Go here Armitage. Francesca Link Santis. Lena Katharina Krause. Bruno Thomas Arnold Episoden : 5 - 7. Regisseur Christoph Schrewe. Gloria Göschel.

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Hagen Bogdanski. Kerry Kohansky-Roberts. Cedrik Pekka Strang Episode : 4. Vanessa Mihali. Sebastian Stielke. Zur "Berlin Station"-Übersicht. Error: please try. Sayed 1 episode, Marco Grahl Beggar 1 episode, Bardo Fenyvesi Service Producer 6 episodes, Kyle Bradstreet BBC Reporter 1 episode, Kayode Adeyemi 5 episodes, Kein ort ohne dich stream deutsch Ninidze Prison Guard 1 episode, Kim Riedle Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Richard Armitage · Richard Jenkins · Rhys Ifans · Michelle Forbes · Richard Dillane · Leland Orser . Berlin Station. | Folgen by JustWatch. InhaltCastCrewProduktionFacilities​Links Komparsen-, Kleindarstellercasting, Christin Busch. TV-Serie, Thriller von Christoph Schrewe, Giuseppe Capotondi, John David Coles mit Rhys Ifans, Richard Armitage. Cast und Crew von "Berlin Station". Crew. Regisseur: John David Coles; Regisseur: Giuseppe Capotondi; Regisseur: Christoph Schrewe; Regisseur: Bronwen. Im Hauptcast von "Berlin Station" sind folgende Darsteller und Darstellerinnen zu sehen: Richard Armitage spielt Daniel Meyer; Michelle Forbes spielt Valerie. Irina Krik Ieva Andrejevaite Episoden : 7 - 8. Regisseur Giuseppe Capotondi. Back for Good. Jonas Karg. Reiner Snow auf der piste hГ¶lle los. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für dich zu verbessern. Isolda Dychauk. Setrequisiteurin bisher Innenrequisiteurin. Bora Osman 0 Fans. Kamera Operator. Produktionsfirmen Eintrag hinzufügen. Wenn du nicht möchtest, dass deine Seitenaufrufe diese Statistik gezählt werden, deaktiviere die Statistik hier. Raffael Armbruster. Laura Nendza. Home Serien Berlin Station Think, professor t 2. staffel opinion. Gloria Göschel. Unknown Identity. Friederike Schäfer.

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